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tv   News  ABC  October 22, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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now, good morning maryland. >> father told him not to do anything stupid. his wife got a restraining
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order. the shooter police say opened fire. a grandmother, sisters, coworkers and fathers, tens of thousands of people came out to race for the cure. it's monday morning, thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle alongside charley crowson. we have breaking news. fire overnight in federal hill. linda so is standing by with one of the witnesses there. what have you learned? >> reporter: it's been burning for hours now. it started -- [no audio] riverside avenue in federal hill. the fire happened a block down from here in the 1200 block of battery avenue, joining us this morning, is a relative, nancy, it was actually your brother to lived if the home. you got a call this morning, tell us. >> the police department called me, and told me, i needed to find a place for my brother and them to stay. i asked what was going on. i thought it was a prank.
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they said the house is on fire. they let me speak to him. he was just so freaked out and hysterical. all i could think about was the dogs. they got everybody out of the house. >> reporter: it was your brother, his wife, their adult son, and two young children. they all made it out safely. but there were two dogs and a bird and turtle that died. this home was here for 60 years. >> i've been here 50 or 60 years now. >> you grew up here? >> yes, i did. my children grew up here. we moved to the county. they have been remaining here. >> reporter: we are told there was a lot of things in this home because a lot of debris, firefighters had a hard time getting the fire out. do you know anything about that? >> well, most of the stuff is
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when my mom died. couldn't give the stuff up. my mom, her whole life, that was all we had. we couldn't get rid of the stuff. as more people moved in, you know, and their stuff. it started building up. >> reporter: it's got to be so hard to see. >> yeah. it is. my childhood memories. my mom's home, gone. i'm glad everybody got out alive. that's the main thing. >> reporter: thank you so much for sharing that with us. again, firefighters are still working to get the fire out. it is a two-alarm fire. 80 firefighters here, we are told that things got so intense that the second floor collapsed. no one was seriously injured.
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the family was all able to get out safely and taken to a local hospital for smoke inhalation. one firefighter almost fell off of a ladder. he had to be taken to a hospital. when the fire got intense from the debris, the second floor collapsed and firefighters had to be evacuated from the building. now at this point, they are working to try to get the fire out using ladder trucks and hoses and attacking the fire from the outside. the area will be closed this morning. expect delays. now, maryland's most accurate folk. -- forecast. we are talking about chilly temperatures this morning. you need the coat as you head out the door. elkton 46. jessup 45. 46 owings mills this morning. the winds are light of the
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northwest. mailed's most powerful radar is dry. this will stay this way throughout the day. we will get sunshine moving in here. we could see that hour by hour forecast, the planner working good for you, 65 degrees by lunchtime, by this afternoon, the high temperature will be at 70 degrees, under mostly sunny skies. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> good morning. for these of you traveling in federal hill, this morning, expect delays, due to a two alarm house fire on battery avenue, that is going to be closed between east west treat. you will want to use riverside avenue as you alternate routes. taking a look at the main lines, here is the northwest conner of 695, old court road. traffic picking up. the average speed on the outer loop, 33 miles per hour. expect a slow ride, down towards route 40. this is the beltway, parkville, much difference and clearer here at harford road.
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a typical 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 95, up to 83. that's a look at your time saver traffic, over to you. in wisconsin, a deadly shooting spree inside a spa. authorities are looking in to a possible domestic dispute as a motive, three people killed, four others wounded in the attack before police say the suspect took his own life. he slashed his wife's tires at the spa two weeks ago. a judge slapped a restraining order on him. he was forced to return guns he owns to deputies. a man fell, more than 20 feet off of an escalator at met life stadium in new jersey after the giants, washington
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red skins game. authorities say that the fan landed on to a stage and taken to a hospital, he is in critical condition. stay with us, the guidelines are changing when it comes to cervical cancer screening.
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frightening ordeal for parents of a four year old boy. >> he was playing on a balcony and fell three stories down and became stuck in between two buildings and wedged himself in a gap that was 9 inches wide. firefighters managed to break away enough of the wall to free him. other than cuts and bruises, the boy is doing fine this
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morning. a cool site over england. the meteor shower, happens each october, is caused by the earth's intersection with a dust trail from the gnashes are they reenter the berth's atmosphere. do do you want to play fool with a favorite raven? >> shoot for the cure with the ravens. a mainly clear sky this morning. giving way to chilly temperatures. 80s in the forecast. i will tell you when, coming up. traffic is really starting to congest on 695, old court road. i will let you know how it's shaping up on 95 and 83, coming up on good morning maryland.
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don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. monday morning, this is your news to go. >> i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. good morning to meteorologist, lynette charles. >> good morning. let's talk about what is going on today. we will pick up where releft
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off yesterday, chilly temperatures and dry weather with plenty of sunshine. let's start out on maryland's most powerful radar, we are looking at dry times, that will continue for several days, this morning, we are chilly, clarksville, 41 degrees, dew point of 38, dry weather, the winds west at 6 miles an hour in pilesville. sykesville 43 degrees. grab the coat as you head out the door this morning. as we check out what is going on for your planner, temperatures chilly, 49 degreess we move in to lunchtimes wondering what you should do. take the long walk, take the long lunch. the temperature 65 degrees, blame it on me if you want to. in to 3:00, the temperature warming up nicely. 70, that's above average as we head in to the evening time frame, quite dry outside with a temperature coming in at 64 degrees. a great day, get out and take advantage of it. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> good morning. great forecast k not looking
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great, on the roads. several accidents, trouble in downtown baltimore, a crash on light street at east baltimore. baltimore county, another accident in dundalk, north point. if you are using 95, in white marsh, there is nothing right now to get in your way. a 15 minute ride to travel from route 43 in to the city. as we check in and look at 695, arford road, parkville, picking up. only 12 minutes now to travel from 95, all the way up to 83. this is what the harrisburg expressway looks like. nothing from shawan down to 695, nice and clear, as you get onto the jfx, downtown. loots if you are waking up, we have been following breaking news out of federal hill.
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>> crews are battling a fire at a home that's been with the family for generations. >> i understands we lost pets, family members got out okay. also a firefighter was possibly hurt? >> reporter: yeah. luckily the firefighter didn't suffer any serious injuries. he almost fell off of a ladder and hurt his ankle. he was taken to a hospital as a precaution. firefighters are working to bring the fire under control. it's been burning for three hours. what we know is it happened in the 1200 block of battery avenue, it was a 3 story row home that caught on fire at around 3:30 this morning. the homeowner, his relatives say they believe the fire started on the first floor towards the back of the house. it was an elderly couple who lived in the home with their adult son, his wife, two young children. they luckily all got out of the house safely. they were taken to a nearby hospital for smoke inhalation.
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this fire reached 2 alarms. there are 80 firefighters here, trying to bring it under control. one of the problems they are having is, there was a lot of debris in the home. the homeowner lives here, his moe lives here, for generations for 40, 50 years. he had a hard time getting rid of anything his moe had. there was so much cloter in the home, wood. all of the belongings, while living in the house. firefighters are working to bring the fire under control. we are told that they did lose several family pets. let's hear what the relative had to say. [no audio] [no audio] >> reporter: within the last ten minutes we have learned that the third floor of this
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row home has collapsed. earlier about app how ago, the -- an hour ago, the second floor collapsed. firefighters are attacking the fire from the outside. they expect to be he for several hours, the roads in the area near battery are closed. avoid this area if you live nearby. linda so, abc2 news. . today we are learn if a tornado touched down in harford county. >> strong storms blew through friday causing damage in the jarrettsville area. >> sherrie johnson joins us. any other places hit. >> reporter: there was no damage to report here. one target was hit in harford. a house in jaretsville. national weather vis will dem if it was a it happened. dawn was the only one cleaning up storm damage this weekend, two large trees came down. the tv antenna blew you have
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and furniture tossed several feet. national weather vis took pictures and spoke to witnesses. when the storm blew through friday it rattled some nerves. >> it's like a big roaring train standing next to it. the wind was ferocious and bad. >> once again national wet service will make the final call today on whether or not that was tornado. >> prince georges county is shelling out 3.5 million dollars for a post game celebration, that went awry at the university of maryland. ten people were falsely arrest order injured by police. they will receive money. cameras caught police se severery beating this man. one officer was acquitted of assault on friday and other convicted on assault charges. one of five people charged with running a scam on the elderly is expected to be in caught today. police say powers was involved in a scheme that targeted
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people in baltimore. they claim she with four others would pretebd to be city workers telling victims they were behind property taxes. fsmghts nissan is recalling certain model years, 2012 and, 13 car because of loose bolts called fall out. the cars were made between may 10th and july 26th. several ravens players are putting down the football and picking up a pool stick, planning to be part of the first shoot for a cure, celebrity billiards tournament at dave and busters in arundel mills. proceeds will go towards the breast cancer foundation, paying for cancer screenings and treatments.
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what a great turn out for the race for the cure. this was the scene yesterday. thousands dressed in pink and came out to show support. many of those who participated are survivors of the disease. without the pretty call screenings and the -- without the critical screenings, this is possibility from the proceeds. it's amazing how many people were there. they continue to donate providing programs to patients. >> the direct services provides, women getting mammograms and helped in to treatment and receiving support services after they have they screening and treatment. they won't be able to fund the programs. >> 4700 women in or state will learn they have breast cancer each year. if you want to donate, head to find out how we have a link under pink. there is a whole section
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dedicated to komen maryland. new screening guidelines for women and cervical cancer testing. experts recommending women between 35-65, get a pap test once every five years. overtesting can lead to unnecessary medical procedures. doctors say despite the guidelines you should still go to your gynecologist once a year.
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this could be out weather maker as we head in to next sunday. for today, the temperature 70 degrees, mostly sunny and warm. clear and dry. by tomorrow, 77 degrees, warmer, this is a check of the seven-day forecast for you as we see plenty of sunshine across the board.
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80 wednesday. by sunday, we will be watching sandy. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning. good morning, great forecast. unfortunately it's not clear on the roads. expect delays on 895, it's due to a crash along the southbound lanes at lumbart street. dundalk this morning, watchout for a crab on north point boulevard. if you are heading on 695, no delays traveling across the key bridge. here is what it looks like in parkville, harford, outer loop picking up. no delays towards towson, this is what the northwest corner looks like. this is a shot at liberty road. old court delays, speeds at 33 miles per hour on the outer loop. all together, you are looking at a 13 minute ride on the outer loop from 795, interstate 70. crews are on the scene of the fire in federal hill. if you need updates, check
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